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The true collaborative universe, built for legacy.
Launching with game and cross-media integrations.

Built on Collaboration​

Imagine a universe where every voice counts. Where change, progress and consequence are the result of collective action from gamers, creatives, and creators. The world of Mythic Protocol is built for, and expanded through, collaborative input that will be reflected across an ever-growing ecosystem of products and media.

The unknown awaits

History is not always what it seems. The truth is often darker than fiction, and doorways to other worlds exist in excess. Safeguarding humanity from threats beyond comprehension and codifying the endless expanse of the unknown, the Mythic Protocol and its agents stand between reality and the mythic truth.

Join the fight

While the archivists and researchers of the Mythic Protocol live to study, catalogue, and codify the unknown, only the finest men and women carry the honour of becoming a field agent.

Take command of these agents and lead them into the unending struggle between myth and reality.